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Book Club Questions

1. Nardagani: A Memoir is filled with memorable stories. Which scenes stand out for you? How were those scenes instructive?

2. After their difficult divorce, how were Eric and Narda able to repair their friendship?

3. Discuss a list of problems that arise from illiteracy. How can illiteracy lead to addiction? Do you know anyone who is a struggling reader?

4. The subtitle of Nardagani: A Memoir talks about finding light in the shadows. If you feel comfortable, discuss what you’ve learned from life’s dark moments or how a challenge turned into an opportunity.

5. How do Nature (genetics) and Nurture (parents, family, and society) shape our character traits? Discuss how someone might go about overcoming a bad trait.

6. How is Jay’s disappearance related to the creation of the Nardagani Reading Program? What role do inspiration, initiative, and perseverance play in pursuing our dreams? Discuss Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s statement, “At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”

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